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360 Degree Virtual Tours – Closer to Actually Being There

360 degree virtual home tour

Links to 360 Degree Tour Examples at the End of This Page
Updated Jan 2017 – the company that hosts the 360 Degree Virtual Tours you’ll see below have now upgrade all existing tours to Virtual Reality.  If you have VR goggles you will be able to fully immerse yourself in a home tour now.  For a limited time I will be giving buyers who are working with me exclusively 1-2 pairs of VR goggles to use for these virtual tours.

Update December 2016 – I have now acquired a special 360 Degree camera for posting simple 360 Degree photos or videos on Facebook to present listings in a whole new way and as an additional way to promote to buyers.  Take a look at this photo I took of Brand park – use your mouse to move around and see all 360 degrees (if you view this on a mobile device you’ll get a special surprise). Brand Park 360

Virtual tours online are nothing new. We’ve been using them for at least 15 years now. Photos, videos and virtual tours online help to give potential buyers more of a visual concept of the property and can help a buyer decide whether or not a specific property deserves further consideration. But none of these can really replace physically visiting a property in person.

Over the past few years, 360 degree photography and videography has made huge strides and now the technology is compatible with web-hosted videos so that anyone can watch them without any special technology or goggles.

The advantage when listing a home or condo is that it will give potential buyers a much better feel for your home and will likely either solidify their desire to see it, spark an interest by something in the tour that they didn’t see in the video, or help them eliminate it as a possibility (which reduces the number of showings to people for whom the property isn’t right anyway).

To let you see how this technology works, I’m pasting links to a couple examples below. One is a 360 degree virtual tour of just the inside of the home. The other is a tour of both the inside and outside of the home (it is much harder to do the outside portion with this particular camera so these aren’t seen as often).

Here is what you will see when you click the links at the bottom of this page and what the controls do:

Pasadena CA home tour 360 degrees

#1 shows the “Play” button – if you click or tap on that you can just sit back and watch as the virtual tour takes you through the entire home.
#2 shows the “Forward” button – that will take you from place to place within (and outside) the home. As you move through the home you will see circles on the floor. Move your mouse over those circles and, when aligned, click on the circle (or tap any circle with your finger if on a mobiel device) and then you will ‘move’ to that spot. Then you can use your keyboard or mouse to view 360 degrees around that spot (hold the left mouse button down while you move your mouse right to left or left to right to rotate the view.
#3 shows the “Change View” button – when you click or tap that you will change from an overhead view to a view inside the house or from inside to an overhead view.
#4 shows the help button which will give info on how to move around and use the 360 degree feature with your mouse (or finger) or keyboard.

Once you click the links below and go to the virtual tour pages (and the tour loads), you can play around there and it shouldn’t take you long to get used to how it works. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Pasadena home 360 degree virtual tour interior and exterior

Los Feliz home 360 degree virtual tour interior only

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