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Below you can see all the current Active listings in Glendale on maps of each of the 4 areas and graphs showing the important trends in Glendale sales, pricing, inventory and time it takes to sell.  All info below is directly from the local MLS and is updated regularly.

Glendale Listings by Area – All Active Listings

Click on any green flag on the map below to see a summary of that listing.
Click on the MLS link to go to the full details and photo page for that listing.
You can also click on any line in the list below the map to see where it is on the map and the summary with MLS link to the details page.

Chevy Chase/E Glenoaks area

Rossmoyne & Verdugo Woodlands

[Technical difficulties are preventing us from currently displaying the Rossmoyone and Verdugo Woodland area’s results.]


South of the 134 Fwy

Trends in the local Glendale real estate market


Looking at a trend can give you an idea of why the current market is the way it is and some idea of where it may be going. You can see whether it is a buyer’s market or a sellers market and at what it changes from one to another. For someone who is selling this is vital information to know but even more specific graphs that correlate to location, home size, price ranges, etc. can be obtained and are the key to success in selling.

The graphs below are specifically for Glendale and show where we currently are and how we have gotten here. All graphs are updated each month. If you hover your mouse over any point on a graph, it will show you what the value or number is for that point.



For Sale – Inventory


# of Residential Properties for Sale


Months Inventory

[Months Inventory is how many months would the amount of properties currently available last if nothing new came on the market and the sales pace remained the same. This number can help determine whether it is a seller’s market (below 5-6 months), a buyer’s market (above 5-6 months) or a balanced market (5-6 months)].

Average Sold Price


Time to Sell (also known as Days on Market)


Glendale California is a popular area in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles because of its wonderful restaurants and malls and its location right at the base of the foothill mountains.  The 4 main sections where you can find homes, condos and townhomes for sale are the Chevy Chase/E Glenoaks area, the Rossmoyne & Verdugo Woodlands area, the Northwest Glendale area and the South of the 134 Freeway area.

The neighborhoods most in demand are the ones with views of downtown Glendale or downtown Los Angeles with Catalina Island behind it.

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