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How Do I Choose a Broker or Agent To Help Me Sell?

Nearly all sellers ultimately use a Realtor to sell their home. When you are in that position you will want to make sure you hire the right one so that you get the best results, but how do you go about choosing the right one from all the possibilities that are out there. The video below will go into some of the issues to look into and questions that you can ask.


As the video explains, it’s smart to compare more than one agent and to ask questions of each.

You will want to know what their knowledge is of your area and your community as well as their overall experience and results.

It will be good to know if they will only represent you or if they might also represent the buyer in a transaction. In California there are requirements to disclose the different types of representation that are possible and what that means to you.

Obviously you’ll want to know what the fees are and the length of their typical listing agreement. But you should also pay attention to whether they are more interested in listing to you to find out what you want or in impressing you.

Get all the information you need and want to make your decision. Don’t just hire someone because you know them socially and like them or because they are a friend of a friend – make sure you find out if they know what they are doing. It’s great to have someone you’ll enjoy working with because they’re fun to be around but when you’re dealing with one of the, or the, most expensive thing you will probably be selling in your life – you want competence above all else! If they are fun to be around too – then you are in great shape!

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