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The Top Priority: What Do You Need and Want?

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, condo or townhouse you have some kind of goals in mind. Those should be first things to determine before even starting on any actions in buying or selling.

I have learned over the last decade of working with both buyers and sellers that success only can happen if you know what it looks like.  To put it another way, to reach a destination or goal you first need to know what the destination is so that you can know when you get there and plan how to get there.

It may sound overly simplistic but it is so frequently overlooked that I have to point it out to my clients almost every time.  This is important to do at the start not only so that you have in your mind what you want and need but also so that I know what you need and want and can make sure that my actions are directed toward attaining that.   When you ask a professional to assist you in an area that requires more expertise, education and experience than you have they will know more about that field than you (such as a doctor or lawyer or real estate agent) but you will know what you need and want much better than they will.  So to have the best possible experience when purchasing or selling a property, you want to either know or work out what you need and want from the transaction and from the professionals working to help you and they need to provide you with what you need and want.

This not only applies to what kind of property a buyer wants to get or the price a seller will accept – it also applies to things like what method of communication is best for you:  phone, email or text, and do you prefer to go over paperwork in person, by phone or by Skype?  These may seem like more minor things when compared to contract negotiations and loan processing – but these ‘minor’ factors are what can determine whether the process of selling or buying is a pleasant and memorable one for you or just tolerable.

Sometimes it isn’t clear immediately what you need and want – it could take some time to fully work that out.

With many of my buyer clients I often spend the first day showing them properties they have seen online that they think will be what they want only to end up being disappointed in them.  I’ve found that if I observe their reactions as we go through those initial showings I can discover what they like and dislike and what they really need or want.  With that information I choose other properties to go see on our next day of showings and in most cases those buyers either see something they do like or they now know there are properties out there which are more like what they want.

With sellers I’ve found that I can get the information by asking them questions and not only finding out what the ideal outcome would be when listing their home for sale but also what their goals are after selling the home and what about the home attracted them to it.  The home you’re selling is not just a commodity that is bought an sold, it usually has memories of your life during the period of time you lived there and that should be respected.

Don’t forget that the top priority when selling your home is working out what you need and want both from the process and from those who will be helping you in that process and make sure that you choose people to assist that also know this.

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