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When Should I Sell?

Deciding when the right time to sell is for you depends on your specific circumstances. If you have some flexibility then you also need to consider external and seasonal factors which affect the market and make certain times of the year better for selling in your area than other times of the year. This video will cover what is typical in most markets.


As you saw in this video, Spring and Summer months tend to be the strongest because you have families looking to relocate before a new school begins doing their purchasing during these months. Since these buyers often are also selling, those months will also typically have more homes available for purchase.

During other times of the year there are fluctuations which tend to balance out on the buying and selling side.

An example of this is the reduction in buyers during the holidays at the end of the year being balanced by the lower number of properties on the market during that same period due to sellers taking their homes off the market during the holidays.

It’s best to sell when you & your house are ready to sell but working with the timing for a stronger market should be looked at too. Begin your relationship with a real estate agent as early as possible so that you can make the most of your sale during any time of year.

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